Air New Zealand removes use of newspapers on airlines

03 Jul 2019

Air New Zealand has removed all newspapers from its airlines, as it had promised. This was done so to become more sustainable in its operations. 

The airline urged customers to connect to the airport Wi-Fi and access the news online, as it warned that newspapers will not be available or given out. As many users questioned this decision, Nikki Goodman, general manager customer experience explained that the two main reasons were a realisation that people preferred to access the news online rather than by reading a newspaper as well as to try being eco-friendlier.

Goodman elaborated, ‘We make no apology for putting our best foot forward to minimise our carbon footprint and we know there is more we can do and are working constructively with current suppliers to our business and some innovative global firms to allow us to do even better in the future.’ The removal of papers will help in the cutting of carbon emissions.

Air New Zealand’s target is to become the ‘least unsustainable’ airline in the world. It plans to remove single-use plastics, using electricity-powered planes on the ground and by working with developers of hybrid planes. 

However, people are still questioning why the airline still makes use of plastic cups and produces its in-flight magazine, Kia Ora if it has a ‘commitment to sustainability’.