NZ government to increase funding for Nauru

30 Jan 2019

flagIn an effort to broaden ties, New Zealand will be increasing funding for economic resilience, human development and good governance in the island nation of Nauru by $8 million over the course of three years, Foreign Affairs Minister Winston Peters announced today.

“This year marks 50 years of independence for Nauru. As New Zealand is looking to reset relationships in the Pacific, it is an opportune time to reconsider our relationship with Nauru and look to deepen our long-term relevance and influence,” said Mr Peters.

Mr Peters revealed an increased indicative budget of $18.5 million over three years.

“New Zealand’s development partnership with Nauru is focused on measures that will benefit future generations – for example, education, renewable energy, and support for the electoral system,” he said.

Mr Peters went on to highlight the advantages that this will have for New Zealand, saying: “New Zealand remains committed to development cooperation with Nauru that promotes regional values and aims to support development outcomes that are sustainable and broadly-based. The wellbeing and security of our Pacific neighbourhood is critical to New Zealand’s own wellbeing and future.”