New policies hope to increase numbers of EVs

09 Jul 2019

New Zealand is looking to see an increase of electric vehicles used, as two new policies will lower the vehicles’ prices. This will be done so to improve the air condition and reduce pollution.

The two new policies that will be introduced are set to encourage New Zealand families to buy electric vehicles by lowering the costs of such vehicles which will, in turn reduce the level of fuel emissions. The ‘Clean Car discount’ would save individuals $NZ8000 when buying an EV, whilst those who opt to buy used import EVs save $NZ2,600.
In addition, higher fees are to be applied on the first purchase of high polluting vehicles. $NZ3,000 could be added to the costs of polluting vehicle, varying according to the level of emission. 
Earlier this year, the NZ Productivity Commission raised concerns on the level of recommended that New Zealand to propose policies on EVs. They saw a need of ‘a rapid and comprehensive switch of the light vehicle fleet to electric vehicles (EVs) and other very low-emissions vehicles.’

Despite around 15,000 EVs already being used in New Zealand, the government is looking to add to that number. New Zealand hopes to reach the target of 100% registered vehicles by the early 2030s. 

Associate transport minister Julie Anne Genter said, ‘This is about making cleaner cars a realistic choice for more New Zealanders – by reducing the upfront cost of electric, hybrid and fuel-efficient vehicles when sold in New Zealand for the first time.’  

Another scheme, which is already in effect -- the Clean Car Standard fuel emissions policy, which encourages car importers to bring in cars and vehicles that will not pollute the country as much.