Working longer for a higher income? Think again

25 Jul 2019

The general idea is that working overtime or longer hours earns you a higher pay cheque at the end of the month. However, this may not be entirely accurate. Research shows that working long hours may have negative affects on both your physical and mental self. 

Recent studies showed that workers who dedicate more time to their work feel that they receive less recognition on the job, as well as feeling more exhausted and stressed. Because more time is spent at the workplace you will have less time outside work to recover from the day spent on the job. The fatigue hinders you to up your game and stand out from the others as it affects your focus. What’s worse is, that because of this you would get caught up on your work. 

Unfortunately, long hours at work may lead to serious physical and psychological problems. Bad body postures can result in disorders that badly affect your muscles, joints, ligaments, tendons and nerves. Furthermore, a repeated job may cause you to feel alienated. The University College of London issued a report which conveyed that 67% of people who work longer than 7 and 8 hours have a bigger chance of suffering from heart disease.  

Lastly, in order to look after ourselves, we must not forget to spend time with people in a more relaxed environment, away from the stress of work. Catching up with friends and spending some good time with your family helps to have a balanced work-life relationship.